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The CFTC - Center for Theoretical and Computational Physics - is a research unit of the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Lisbon, with a broad range of projects in theoretical physics and its applications to other sciences. The international team of the unit includes university and polytechnic academic staff, Investigador FCT, post-doctoral fellows, and PhD and MSc students. It also provides research training for students in other education cycles.

Particle Physics

The focus of the research projects in particle physics are broken symmetry in multi-Higgs models and anomalous interactions of the top quark, likely to be observable in the LHC

Non-linear Dynamics and Waves Group

The activity of this highly international group is focused on the analytical and numerical study of nonlinear phenomena in various physical systems, including Bose-Einstein condensates of atoms, molecules and quasi-particles, nonlinear optical systems such as photonic crystals, nonlinear waves in discrete systems, and the emergence and dynamics of patterns in dissipative periodic systems.

Condensed Matter Physics Group

The common theme of this group's research is the concept of order on various length scales in classical and quantum condensed systems, and the description of the transitions between states with different types of order, using the tools of theoretical physics. The main topics of research include (i) soft matter, with emphasis on topological defects and surface properties of ordered fluids and the self-assembly of colloidal systems, (ii) Granular materials and dissipative athermal systems, (iii) Spin glasses and disordered frustrated magnetic systems.

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