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CFTC: New book: Elasticidade, conceitos e aplicações

Elasticidade: Conceitos e Aplicações is an introductory textbook on the theory of elasticity co-authored by a CFTC researcher and published by IST Press. Starting right at the beginning, the basic concepts of deformation and stress and are introduced. Next, the equations that describe the elastic response of materials are derived from fundamental physical laws. Finally, the solution of these equations using analytical or numerical methods is discussed, in particular through an introduction to the very popular and useful finite-element method. The book assumes a knowledge of linear algebra, calculus and Newtonian mechanics, but not of tensor calculus or analytical mechanics, and is therefore accessible to a very wide readership in the sciences and engineering. A large number of problems are worked out in detail in the text, and there are many end-of-chapter exercises with answers (and, in the more complex cases, a sketch of solution).

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