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CFTC: Advanced course on Critical Dynamics by Uwe Tauber from Virginia Tech

Professor Uwe Täuber, from Virginia Tech, is visiting the Center for Theoretical and Computational Physics (CFTC) for the summer. During his visit, Professor Täuber will be lecturing a four-day advanced course on Critical Dynamics with the following program:

Day 1: Near-equilibrium critical dynamics, relaxational kinetics, phase transitions and critical phenomena;

Day 2: Relaxational models, non-equilibrium critical relaxation, coupling to conserved energy density;

Day 3: Reversible mode couplings, isotropic ferromagnets, driven systems displaying generic scale invariance;

Day 4: Non-equilibrium phase transition in the driven Ising lattice gas, driven interfaces and KPZ equation.

You are all invited.

It will be a unique opportunity to learn from an expert on topics such as phase transitions, dynamic scaling in systems near and far from equilibrium, and more.

Please, register here.

Schedule: 18, 19, 25, and 27 of June (10:30-12:00)

Location: C8 building room 1.4.14