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CFTC: Congratulations for the award of two FCT grants

We congratulate Cristóvão Sousa Dias and André Sousa Nunes for the award of FCT fellowships (BPD and BD respectively) in the 2016 call. 

Well done ! 

In Cristóvão's words:

“My project is focused on a recent collaboration with the experimental group COMPASS at CICECO at the University of Aveiro, on cell mediated aggregation of colloidal particles. The project is challenging, both experimentally and theoretically, and it aims to investigate how the dynamics of aggregation dictates the final structure of artificial tissues. I am very motivated by this project and I believe that the theoretical know-how and the computational power at CFTC are crucial to complete the tasks ahead.”

In André's words:

"I use computational and analytical models to study the self-organization of colloidal mixtures. These multi-component systems typically exhibit richer behavior than their single-component counterparts. The phase diagrams are characterized by different (exotic) phases, and the kinetic pathways usually lead to non-trivial arrested states that are significantly different from the thermodynamic ones. I am particularly interested in binary mixtures where different species have different hydrodynamic radii. In these systems, the dynamics is key and may be used to control the assembly of materials with fine-tuned physical properties. This scholarship is a great opportunity to develop these studies at CFTC, in collaboration with different experimental groups in Sweden and the UK."