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CFTC: Congratulations for the award of two MSc degrees

We congratulate Diogo Pinto and Francisco Braz for their awards of the MSc degree, in March 2017.

Although Francisco took a bit more than the standard four semestres, Diogo finished one (whole) semestre early, setting a record at FCUL (At least judging from the bureacracy). 

Well done Diogo ! We hope that this will help other students to follow your lead. 

In Diogo's words:

" My work focused on the adsorption of DNA-functionalized colloidal particles on the surface of oil droplets. We developed a theoretical model  and investigated how the coverage of the droplet depends on the  model parameters. This was a great opportunity to learn advanced numerical and analytical methods to investigate systems far from equilibrium, which allowed me to interact with experimental research groups adding an extra dimension to the project. I particularly enjoyed the collaboration with the group of Prof. Erika Eiser, from the University of Cambridge."