Past Seminars Seminários Já Decorridos 2005

Electromagnetic tunneling-Paradoxes and perspectives

By: A. Shvartsburg
From: Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow
At: Complexo Interdisciplinar Anfiteatro
[2005-06-08] 11:00

1. Superluminal tunneling ?

2. Hartman effect in classical electromagnetics.
2 a. Frustrated total internal reflection. 2 b. Undersized waveguides.

3. Photonic barriers in gradient optics.
3 a. Tunneling of light through heterogeneous nanofilms.
3 b. Group velocities of evanescent waves.

4. Tunneling in microwave circuits.
4 a. Filtration of waves in dispersive transmission lines.
4 b. Polarization - dependent tunneling in waveguides.

5. Tunneling through the lossy media.
5 a. Violation of Hartman effect in absorbing media.
5 b. Non - stationary evanescent waves.

6. Light faster then light? - Pro et contra.