Past Seminars Seminários Já Decorridos 2023

Interfaced and confined Active Nematics

By: Francesc Sagués
From: Department of Materials Science and Physical Chemistry, Universitat de Barcelona, Spain
At: Building C3, room 3.2.13
[2023-04-13] 11:00

Active Nematics (ANs), made of micrtotubules and kinesin motors  are an exquisite example of active colloidal matter at the crossroads of Physics and Biology. In the seminar I will consider three different aspects: (i) In the first part I will address its most characteristic turbulent state in terms of the spectrum of kinetic energy, and describe a way to regularize such chaotically flowing regime. (ii) In the second part, I will comment on particular aspects of confined ANs, and introduce the concept of an active boundary layer. (iiI) Finally, I will end the presentation with the most recent variants of the system we are working with that permit to expand the range of potentialities of the system.