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The Problems and Overcomings of Machine Learning: Why machines capable of driving vehicles keep failing to predict defaults on credit

By: Inês Almeida
From: Closer Consulting
At: Instituto de Investigação Interdisciplinar, B3-01
[2014-05-08] 14:00

Machine learning is a field of computer science dedicated to making computers learn rules from data, without explicitly programming them. Since the first learning algorithm built in 1952 – a checkers program capable of playing against itself – machine learning has developed into a very powerful set of methods applicable to a multitude of fields, including image and language processing, sentiment analysis, biology, robotics, and finance.
This seminar introduces some of the key concepts of Machine Learning, as well as its historical evolution. The main goals of the seminar are to make the audience more familiar with the main concepts of Machine Learning and with its importance in physics, and to make it eager to learn more on this very exciting topic.