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  • Searches for Higgs bosons in two-Higgs doublet models: the fermiophobic limit, L. Brücher and R. Santos, Invited chapter in SEARCH FOR THE HIGGS BOSON, edited by John V. Lee, Nova Science Publishers, 2006.

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  • Gravitational waves and the Higgs mass, R. Santos, e-Print: arXiv:2207.14057 [hep-ph] Moriond 2022 QCD (2022).
  • Beyond the Standard Model in Vector Boson Scattering Signatures, M. Gallinaro et al., e-Print: arXiv:2005.09889 [hep-ph] Contribution to: International Workshop on BSM models in Vector Boson Scattering processes (2020).
  • NLO corrections to Vector Dark Matter Direct Detection - An update, S. Glaus, M. Mühlleitner, J. Müller, S. Patel, R. Santos, PoS CORFU2019 (2020) 046.
  • Signal versus Background Interference in H^+ → tb signals for MSSM Benchmark Scenarios, A. Arhrib, D. Azevedo, R. Benbrik, H. Harouiz, S. Moretti, R. Patrick, R.Santos, EPJ Web Conf. 245 (2020) 06037.
  • Extended Higgs sector beyond the MSSM and the LHC, R. Santos, PoS(ALPS2018)016.
  • Production of tgammagamma, tZ and tH via Flavour Changing Neutral Currents, A. Amorim, J.P. Araque, N.F. Castro, J. Santiago, R. Santos, PoS TOP2015 067 (2016.
  • Interpretation of the LHC run-1 Higgs results (2HDM), Rui Santos, PoS Charged2014 (2015) 016.
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