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CFTC: New book: Offbeat Physics: Machines, Meditations and Misconceptions

Offbeat Physics: Machines, Meditations and Misconceptions is a new book edited and co-written by CFTC researchers and published by Routledge, a Taylor & Francis group company. It comprises a collection of articles on various topics in (classical) physics education, authored by past and present academic staff members of the Physics Department at the Lisbon Engineering School (ISEL) of the Polytechnic Institute of Lisbon (IPL). All chapters originated from issues encountered while researching or writing up courses, or were prompted by students' questions, for which no satisfactory answers could be found in the literature. This is a book for all those who wish to go beyond the standard examples repeated ad nauseam in textbooks and instead learn physics from the more realistic problems that often arise in engineering contexts. Most of the material has been published previously in international refereed journals, some is original; it is all brought together in one volume, for the convenience of readers.