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CFTC reception to Biomedical and Biophysical Engineering students of FCT-NOVA

22nd March

16:30-17:00 Reception and CFTC Presentation (Nuno Araújo)

17:00-18:00 Talks with CFTC researchers and students + Coffee break

Language: Portuguese
 Location: FCUL




Danilo Silva

  • Flow of flexible matter in complex environments (ex: biological flows)


Rafael Almada

  • Wound healing
  • Restructuring dynamics in tissues


André Matias

  • Cell growth in exotic substrates


Danne van Roon

  • Bacterial adhesion/dynamics


Vasco Braz

  • Bacterial dynamics in the presence of obstacles 


João Cordeiro

  • Interfaces of Soft Active Matter


Francisco Safara

  • Modeling a cell as an active particle


Rodrigo Coelho

  • Dispersion of nutrients in bacterial colonies
  • Dynamics of active droplets on substrates
  • Active nematics: Modelling microtubule-kinesin mixtures at oil-water interfaces


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