Can one obtain a yield-locus from a single DEM simulation?


Luding, S.1

1 MSM – TS - UTwente, The Netherlands

DEM simulations of ring shear cells (right) allow to study the non-equilibrium behavior of granular materials under shear close to jamming. More specific, the density, the stresses and the velocity gradient are extracted.

In the split-bottom ring geometry, this data are plotted (below) as shear stress vs. normal stress (pressure). If only the large shear rate data are given (large symbols) one already has a yield locus.
















Scaling the shear stress by p displays clearly the non-linear nature of the yield locus.


Material parameters that can be varied involve particle size, size-distributions, fricton (right) and adhesion – among many others.


The peculiar evolution of the anisotropy of stress and structure will be discussed.


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